Bach Flower Remedies Questions & Answers

Q.   Who was Dr. Edward Bach?


A.   Dr. Bach was a highly respected medical doctor, pathologist, bacteriologist and homeopath who spent his entire professional career dedicated to finding the root cause of disease and finding natural substances to bring about the healing of these conditions.


Q.   What is the Legal Status of the Bach Remedies in the United States?


A.   The remedies were accepted into the U.S. Homeopathic Pharmacopoeia in 1981.  Their acceptance was based on Dr. Edward Bach's empirical studies and proving of the indications currently associated with each Remedy.  Additionally, they had 50 years of empirical research by thousand of professionals worldwide that confirmed their indications.


Q.   Are the Remedies Safe?


A.   The Remedies are non-toxic, non-addictive and can be used in conjunction with any other form of medication you might be taking.  Like all things you should always inform other health professionals you are working with that you have added them to your repertoire.


Q.   What happens if I take the wrong Remedy?


A.   The indications given are common emotional responses to life situations.  Bach discovered that these emotional responses predispose physical disorders because of their impact upon our nervous system.  This emotional response impacts upon our nervous system and begins to broadcast out to every organ in our body.  The emotional response, in and of itself, is purely a form of vibrational energy.  This vibrational energy creates a negative blueprint and the corresponding flower remedy contains a positive vibrational blueprint, therefore it will bring that energy form back into balance.  So if you take the wrong remedy, that remedy has no blueprint to reference to and it will have no effect at all.



Q.   Must I take them forever?


A.   No.  It may take some time to get beyond all your problems, but you will reach a point where you begin to feel at peace with yourself and you will naturally begin to discontinue their use.  A general rule of thumb is for every year in your life that you have experienced a negative energy blueprint you would need to take the appropriate remedy for one month's time.  However situations may arise that temporarily destabilize you and at those time when you will take the remedies you will find that because a particular negative emotion is no longer a deep seated issue, the remedies will restore balance very quickly.


Q.   How long can I expect to use them?


A.   For acute problems they should be taken as needed for a period of time which typically won't exceed four or five days.


If you are experiencing trauma you can take two drops or six spray pumps every five minutes for twenty minutes to an hour until your emotions stabilize, then you continue the standard dose of four drops or six spray pumps, four times per day.


For long term problems you will find a range approximating one month for every year of your life you have experienced this problem.  However, they act as a support throughout the time you take them.  It may be sometime before you can say you have completely gotten beyond this problem. 


Keep in mind that psychotherapy, yoga, biofeedback or other techniques for releasing stress woul speed up this process.



Q.  What will I feel?


A.   There are no physical sensations that are associated with the Remedies.  What you will sense, sometimes immediately, other times within a few days, is a feeling of mental calmness, hope and finally a sense of peace within yourself.