The Bach Flower Remedies






The Bach Flower remedies were developed by Edward Bach, M.D. a renowned British scientist and physician in the early 1930s. Dr. Bach believed disease was caused by a conflict between the personality and the soul. His 38 flower remedies are used to treat negative personality traits that inhibit our emotional and spiritual growth and create


The Bach Remedies work by giving us the specific positive energy we need to transform our negative traits and thus realize our higher self. It is then that we may go on to lead productive, joyful and healthy lives.


Appropriate Flower Remedies are selected with the help of a Certified Bach Remedy Counselor for our individual needs and stress patterns. The Remedies can help improve self confidence and self esteem, conquer fears and anxieties, overcome negative thoughts and depression, relieve anger and frustration and balance us at times of grief and crisis.




Your initial 60 or 90 minute session will determine which remedies should be taken to alleviate your particular stress patterns. Of the 38 Bach Flower Remedies, up to six will be chosen to fit your individual stress patterns. This selection is determined in a relaxing 60 minute office or telephone session.


Results can be seen in as little as several days to three weeks of time. The longer one continues this profound process of self transformation the more healthful one's life becomes.



Please e-mail Carolyn three (3) preferred session days and times (Monday through Friday 11 a.m. to 4 p.m.) along with your telephone number and we will set up your personal 60 or 90 minute Bach Remedy Consultation.




Initial 90 minute Office or Phone Session, includes your own 2 oz. personal Bach Remedy formula bottle.   



Follow-up  60 minute sessions