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2015 Order Form


Dear Health Minded Friend:


We appreciate your interest in our publications. All of the VitaCharts have been designed to simplify the search for the basic information pertaining to vitamins, minerals, herbs, diet and holistic healing. Hopefully these charts will serve you for many years to come.


The charts make thoughtful gifts for friends and relatives. Charts are shipped within 1 -2 days after receiving the order via USPS priority first class mail. 


Healthfully yours,

Carolyn Heller West

Researcher, Editor & Publisher of VitaCharts


Riverdale Wellness

3611 Henry Hudson Pky. # 1D,

Riverdale, New York, 10463


All charts are $15.00 each. plus $7.00 for postage & handling.

Special Quantity Discount

Four or more charts (can be mixed) $12.00 Each


To pay through PayPal, please go to & transfer funds to: after you indicate which charts you want by either calling (718) 601-1774 or faxing this order form to (718) 796-3612. 


To pay with check or money order make check payable to: Riverdale Wellness and mail to the above address.


(   ) VitaChart, Vitamin & Mineral Guide (limited supply)

(   ) Herbal Tea Guide

(   ) Culinary Herb and Spice Guide

(   ) Diet and Nutrition Guide

(   ) Weight Loss Diet Guide

(   ) Wholistic Healing Guide (limited suppy)









Yours in Good Health,

Carolyn Heller West