An award winning multi-colored guide presenting 19 vitamins and 11 minerals.  This information source clearly and concisely reveals daily dosages, augmenting nutrients, anti-vitamins, food sources, bodily parts affected, bodily functions facilitated, deficiency symptoms and therapeutic applications for all the vitamins and minerals.


Herbal Tea Guide

The world's largest selling herbal tea guide offers in beautifully designed pastel colors relevant information concerning the most popular teas.  Fifty-two (52) teas are examined for medicinal actions and folklore remedies. There is a special section for combining hers to alleviate the most common ills.


Culinary Herb & Spice Guide

Due to many requests this chart was created as a companion to the Herbal Tea Gide. Culinary uses from salads to desserts, folklore remedies, medicinal and beneficial actions as well as the part of the herb used are shown for thirty-two (32) herbs.


58 Weight Loss Diets

Careful research has produced 58 weight loss programs, a fasting guide and diet information all on one easy to read chart.  Each diet reveals the foods to be taken, the lenght of time and the weight loss to be expected.  In addition it shows the calorie, carbohydrate, fat and protein content of each of the 58 diets.


Diet & Nutrution Guide

Approximately 500 of the most popular foods are examined for calories, protein, fats and carbohydrate contents.  This alphabetical presentation makes it easy for the reader to measure his or her nutritional intake.  The design and color composition has been expecially created to be pleasing to the eye.


Healing - A Wholistic Guide

This chart presents non-allopathic techniques and programs that are practiced today.  These healing approaches represent the knowledge of the ages from the world's different cultures.  Many of these herb, vitamin, massage and other healing techniques are practiced by M.D.s, Chiropractors and other nutritional and health professionals.