VitaChart was founded in 1976 by Carolyn Heller West to simplify the search for up to date health information.

The charts were researched and designed to simplify the search for up to date health information.  These beautiful, long lasting 11 x 14 inch plastic charts contain facts from over 100 major reference sources.


Over the past 25 years Carolyn quest for living a healthy life in body, mind and spirit, led her to dedicate her life to spreading this knowledge to others.


Our award winning charts are the best in the business.  Combine them, if you choose, with nutrition coaching from Carolyn and you will find yourself embarking on a new and wonderful road to improved health. The six VitaCharts are:



  • VitaChart, Vitamin and Mineral Guide
  • Diet and Nutrition Guide
  • Wholistic Healing Guide
  • Herbal Tea Guide
  • Culinary Herb and Spice Guide
  • 58 Weight Loss Diets Guide


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For those of you who would like additional help with your health concerns beyond what the charts offer, private consultations in Nutrition and Bach Remedy Counseling are available as well as Sessions in Reiki and Pranic Healing.

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Facts about VitaCharts


Over two million VitaCharts sold since 1977.

VitaCharts contain information from over 100 reference sources, and presents this information in as easily assimilated and pleasing manner.

VitaCharts have been carefully researched by experts in the health field.

An authoritative guide used by dozens of Universities, Colleges, and school systems.

Recommended and cited by the world's leading Health Publications.

Purchased by hundreds of Doctors, Hospitals and Clinics.

VitaCharts have an electrostatic quality that allows them to adhere to kitchen cabinets and appliances and remain there for several weeks at a time.

Chiropractors, Medical Doctors, Dentists, Health Professionals are using VitaCharts as a patient teaching aid and also as gifts.

Featured full page in New York Magazine's Health Supplement issue (May, 1985) as an excellent resource of vitamin and mineral information